Friday observed in a Mayfair restaurant one Lunchtime, there was a guy receiving a collection of gifts from a girlfriend. Once the stunning wrapping came off, there was a boxed DVD set of Band of Brothers, a bottle of aftershave, a set of Haivaianas flip-flops and some trousers admittedly these were Gucci, but underwear tends to be trousers in every sense to the majority of men. All of that made me sure that however well acquainted she had been using the innards of his bathroom cabinet and when she was not, she definitely wanted to be that the woman was perilously oblivious of his tastes in travel, TV or footwear.

So what if she has done before hoovering the high road in a hurry. Her selection shouted, ‘but they were close to the door.’ Well, she might have stopped to consider just one of the abiding principles of successful shopping for Christmas presents for guys and standing in his shoes and we are not talking flip-flops. Now, I hear your cries of derision from here: all guys are hopeless at communicating their dreams and are generally hell-bent on satisfying themselves anyway, especially when it comes to purchasing that just-right single malt or cooler than thou cufflink.

Well, you are incorrect. The easiest thing is to follow the advice of business gurus, prior to thinking about what to install it and think. By way of instance, men are always advised to dress not to get the job they currently have, but for the one they need. Take heed. Do not buy gifts for him you know he would like if he bangs on about Seinfeld; chances are he already owns the whole DVD boxed set.

You might also try something which his bachelor kitchen is missing. Tread carefully shot glasses or champagne flutes will likely go down better asĀ cool gifts for guys than a board will. What I am suggesting is this rather than attempting to match the gift to the guy you think you know, pick gifts for him who allow him to believe you have got some idea of who he wants to be.

Finding this out is the fun part. Invite him to devote an imaginary #1,000 on high street style increasingly tough to do, so should flag up about 50 usable suggestions or record the first five things he would replace in his flat/bedroom/bathroom/kitchen/sitting room. From these you establish his order of priorities. It is tempting at this point to indulge in a little personal retail treatment of your own, and finesse your findings until they match, by and large, your own tastes. Do not nothing barks, ‘Your flat wanted a vase’ and little about them.